CPD requirements and Code of conduct

CPD requirements

In the Creative Kinesiology Association, we believe that it is essential for us all – practitioners and teachers alike - to continue to grow and learn as professionals. This process involves being able to review where we are now and what we might need to enable us to take our next steps. Our needs will be individual and change over time and we’re likely to find that they vary from one year to the next.

With this in mind, we have drawn up these CPD guidelines to reflect the flexible way that many complementary health professional bodies, including the BCMA, are now approaching continuing professional development. We hope that you will find them useful in clarifying your unique needs and how to fulfil them over the year.

Our aim is to give guidance and support to help you find the best options for you. There is a wealth of possibilities to consider and it should be possible for everyone to find a mix of options that enables them to meet the minimum 20 hours per year that we ask of all members of the CK Association. There is no limit to the range of possibilities for CPD and we see this as about keeping yourself in touch with the world that your clients live in.

Above all, we hope that you will enjoy your CPD activities and experience tangible benefits to your practice and overall wellbeing.

The requirements you need to meet in terms of CPD hours and personal and mentoring sessions differ depending on the level of membership you have: Student, CKAP, CKRP, ACKRP.

When you join the CK Association, you will receive a template log book. You are welcome to use this to help you record your CPD activities as you go through the year or construct your own approach. The key is to be able to provide evidence of your activities.

Your portfolio/log book is your ongoing CPD record. It will help you record activities as and when you engage in them and assist you in identifying your learning needs and support. You will be able to see your own development over time.

Codes of conduct

As a member of the CKA you are expected to follow our Code of Conduct - this is currently 'under construction' so, in the meantime, please refer to the following:

  • BCMA Code of Conduct - As we are a partner organisation of the BCMA, all members are governed by this Code.
  • Kinesiology Federation Code of Conduct - Although we are not a member organisation of the KF, this document will still give you helpful guidance on expectations specifically related to the practice of kinesiology.

If you have any questions about the practical application of these Codes, please do get in contact.

Complaints procedure

A brief overview of the CKA complaints procedure is given on the main public section of this website. The following document sets out the complaints procedure in more detail.

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