Choosing a practitioner

Finding the right practitioner to work alongside you on your healing journey is important.

Creative Kinesiology works on deep levels and if you are healing trauma from the past, you will need a practitioner you can trust so you feel safe.

How to find the right practitioner for you

Browse our directory of CK practitioners to find someone in your area who you are drawn to work with.

On each practitioner's profile page you can read information about them and how they work, as well as contact details so that you can get in touch directly. A good idea is to telephone for a chat so you can ask questions and talk about how Creative Kinesiology might be able to help you.

You may want to contact more than one practitioner when looking for someone you feel is the right person and whom you can talk to. Although all our practitioners are trained in Creative Kinesiology, it is unusual to find two practitioners who have the same background, due to the fact that individuals have different interests and may pursue training in other therapies and fields of natural health.

Why choose a member of the Creative Kinesiology Association?

The Creative Kinesiology practitioners who are listed on this website are members of the CK Association. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that they are not only highly trained, but also are fully insured, follow a code of practice, and are committed to updating skills and receiving mentoring guidance on a regular basis.

Practitioner status explained

The practitioners in our directory have differing levels of experience but all are trained to a high standard. The letters after a practitioner's name denote their level of experience and training and act as a guide to average fees (depending on geographical location).

ACKRP - Advanced Creative Kinesiology Registered Practitioner
This practitioner is known as an Advanced Registered Practitioner because of the amount of extra training completed and experience gathered. They will have worked in professional private practice for a minimum of six years and usually are also teachers of Creative Kinesiology. They continue to receive regular professional development sessions.

Guide to fees: £45 to £70 per hour

CKRP - Creative Kinesiology Registered Practitioner
This practitioner is a fully qualified Registered Practitioner and has completed all professional training requirements. They will have worked in private practice for a minimum of three years and continue to receive regular professional development sessions.

Guide to fees: £40 to £60 per hour

CKAP - Creative Kinesiology Assessed Practitioner
This practitioner represents great value for money. They are qualified to work with the public under the guidance of a mentor for the next three years after completing their training course, whilst completing the additional qualifications and practitioner experience needed to be a fully registered professional. They receive regular guidance and mentoring, and combine great skills with lower cost sessions.

Guide to fees: £30 to £45 per hour

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