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The School of Creative Kinesiology's Interpersonal Skills Course: 6 days

We are pleased to announce that the School of Creative Kinesiology has just developed a new Interpersonal Skills course, which will be running from April, 2018.  The reason for this is that we are keen to build on the already successful course that we have been offering for many years, to include more work focusing on the body.  Our course will now run for 6 days (previously 4) to allow space for the expanded curriculum.

Courses for 2018

Interpersonal Skills in Creative Kinesiology, Core Subject, with Carrie Jost, starting April 13-15, 2018, East Devon

Interpersonal Skills in Creative Kinesiology, Core Subject, with Carrie Jost, starting September 28-30, 2018, Mid Wales

Experience from working with Creative Kinesiology shows several things very clearly:

  • That unless the work includes both the emotional aspect and the body then the changes we are working to achieve with our clients just do not stick.  The new IPS course will address both emotions and the physical together
  • So much of our work involves working with trauma - taking any current issues into the past and changing the impact past events have had, which continue into present day.  Trauma always has a body aspect - it has to go somewhere and the body is a convenient place to put it.
  • Body work has a part to play in all CK work - and with this can come release of emotion, stuck energy and with it a feeling of vulnerability in the client.  Supporting clients with this is a vital part of the work.

The course will include these important aspects and is also designed to help practitioners of kinesiology or any complementary therapy or natural health practice to go deeper with clients. Witnessing a client’s process and “holding” the session, along with professional communication and listening skills will help you to take a client to a deeper level of healing.

Interpersonal skills are fundamental to the way we work at the School of Creative Kinesiology, indeed, the School’s professional course “Way of the Tracker” has witnessing and listening skills as a core element of the training. The Interpersonal Skills in Creative Kinesiology course is a wonderful way to deepen these skills for yourself in a practical and fun way.  There are plenty of exercises and creative ways to discover the value of witnessing, listening and communication skills in your client sessions.

Course Syllabus
Topics include:

  • Deepening listening skills
  • Communication & the professional relationship
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Body work and working with trauma
  • Stages of Life – adult and child development
  • Witnessing and the 5 elements
  • Creating a non-judgmental space and attitude
  • Open questions and reflecting back techniques
  • Creating rapport
  • Projection, transference & counter-transference
  • Dealing with strong emotions
  • The importance of witnessing a client & their process
  • Providing appropriate support to clients
  • Dealing with one’s own personal issues & emotions
  • Creating a safe space
  • Holding a client and the session
  • Confidentiality
  • Codes of conduct

Course Details
Six days - two 3-day sessions.

Home study:
This involves practice sessions, detailed case studies, completion of a written questionnaire, book review and personal journal.

On successful completion of the tuition days and the home study you will be awarded an Interpersonal Skills certificate from the School of Creative Kinesiology.

The course stands as a valid core subject, the certificate for which can be submitted to the Kinesiology Federation to support your application to become a Registered Practitioner of Kinesiology.

The course is open to anyone who has completed a Kinesiology Foundation Syllabus training or any therapy health training, such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage, Physiotherapy or similar.

Continuous self-assessment, peer and trainer assessment, case studies, written questionnaire, book review, group project, practical exercises, discussion and continuous feedback.

Support is offered during the course as well as afterwards whilst home study is being completed. Mentoring is also available after the course has finished for those who require that service.


This is an ethical requirement for practitioners and is an essential part of this training course.

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